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Need for an Indian cash-for-clunkers

In Economics, Observations, Deductions and Feelings on August 6, 2009 at 03:43
Cal strike due to Old Car Ban

(AP Photograph)

Earlier today I read a few articles on the hugely popular cash-for-clunkers schemes in Europe and US (mostly on Economist, WSJ and Huntington Post), and started thinking about its relevance for India.

With the government and courts strongly pushing for phasing out of old vehicles, why doesn’t the government work out an incentive scheme to back its stick up with a carrot.

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Why should 9/11 be connected to Serbia-Kosovo conflict?

In International Geo-Politics on June 2, 2007 at 08:34

Osama bombs WTC -> Kosovo may not get independence

9/11 happens -> US wages war in Afghanistan -> Bush Jr. gets an alibi to attack Saddam -> Civil war wages in Iraq -> Oil prices jump a little -> Post 9/11 reconstruction and US economy bouncing back from depths of 2000-2002 fuel growth in export oriented china -> Demand for china and war in middle east increase oil prices -> Problems in Venezuela and Bush’s ex-GF Katrina further cause oil spikes -> Gas gains further importance as fuel -> Russia’s Oil and Gas deposits grow many times in value -> Sensing opportunity in increased prices, Putin takes a hardline, gathers control over almost all gas and oil in Russia -> A resurgent Russia, asserts its newly discovered power by supporting old ally serbia and securing own future by threatening to veto the UN resolution on Kosovo’s Independence.