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In Observations, Deductions and Feelings, Sports on December 25, 2007 at 18:44

Watching Jullundhar Lions take on Maratha Warriors. One thing is clear, PHL or no PHL, an overwhelming majority of (Indian) players have yet to adapt the basics of new hockey – long passes from rear, short touch n pass game.

At the slightest chance, everyone starts dribbling the ball. And at every successful dodge, instead of passing on the ball, they dribble the ball with further gusto to take on the next challeng. More so, this behaviour is more evident in the Jullundhar team than in the Maratha – directly propotional to talent is it?

Even worse is the track record with long passes from rear. For atleast 5 minutes of play, all that was happening on the pitch was long passes from 16 yard line going directly striking the board on other side. And both sides indulged in this exchange atleast 3 times each before better sense prevailed!

I’d love to follow this game, packaged well in this attractive format. But give me some better hockey (and better, preferably English, commentary)