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Sparta is winning, Athens is losing. Again.

In International Geo-Politics, Politics, Society on July 2, 2010 at 00:11

I wonder if in a 1000 years, USA will be seen in the same light as ancient Sparta is today – an aggressive, militarist state.

As the only state amongst its contemporaries where the politics and economy were so influenced by the armed forces, the gun lobby/NRA and the military-industrial complex.

A state remembered  more for its destruction of Communism as a politico-military force and the wars it waged against violent Islamists, than for its accomplishments in advancement of technology, arts & culture.

No, I do not intend to imply that Communism at its peak was akin to the greatness of Athens, nor am I comparing the Islamists to ancient Persians.

What I’m saying that the USA, with its vast entrepreneurial energies, its massive natural & human resources and its long lasting peace on the homeland could have easily surpassed ancient Athens as a symbol of advancement of civilisation. Instead, ever so often, it shows its ugly side which is more Sparta than Athens. And lately, Sparta seems to be winning over Athens.

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  1. It could also be argued that there’s a Peloponnesian War going on within the US itself.

    Regions of west coast & north-east being Athens with their knowledge economies, trade & services focus, liberal politics & economics and weak support for military intervention.

    The rust belt, the farm belt, the oil belt and the Rockies could play Sparta. After all that’s where the core support is for the NRA, the conservative domestic policies, the interventionist foreign policy, a strong military and against immigration.

  2. Yes, China could also be argued to be an emerging Sparta given the strong political and economic power that a military organisation, the PLA, commands.

    However, PLA still is an organisation, however ubiquitous. The common populace in that country is strikingly un-armed with strong gun control. Also, though highly jingoistic, the Chinese are also increasingly open to the world thanks to the large global trading empire they now run.

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