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Please do not ask for armpit cleaning and nail cuts

In Arbit, Observations, Deductions and Feelings on February 1, 2009 at 15:24

I could never understand that if my haircut never goes over Rs. 50 why’s her cheapest one also some Rs. 400!

And then I saw this sign at my hair cutters’:

Please do not ask for armpit cleaning and nail cuts

You see my barbers prefer their own hygiene & dignity to a few extra bucks. So, no smelly armpits for them nor any dirty long nails to be cut. What would people ask for next? Clean my feet and shave hair around the you-know-what?!

No sir, these gentlemen have their dignity intact and so do we, their loyal customers. And at no cost to us – a nail-cutter you see costs a fraction of the saving I make on just one haircut and when I do have my old razors to shave armpits why should I bother them with a display of my paunchy midriff et al?

Thanks guys, for making it affordable for us humble males.

I believe its also to do with another related thing – seat turnover – the time one spends as their guest is directly proportional to their charges.

My barber is one of the fastest in business and gives me an adequate haircut. But charges me only about Rs. 50 for those barely 10 mins of service. Longer services (massages, dyes, etc) cost much more. On the other hand, the saloons charge much more (5-10 times more) for even simple haircuts but then also spend quite a bit more time on it. Also, since seats are at a premium with his volume of business, my barber refuses petty services like nail-cuts and armpit shaves in order to keep his key metric – Rs. / Seat-Hour high.

Despite all these attempts at justifications, it could also be just that the premiums at those saloons could be because of plusher settings and women’s willingness to pay more. Also that request for no armpit shaves could be triggered by the barber’s attempts to avoid some seriously bad odours.


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