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In Education, Entreprenuership on October 4, 2008 at 21:53

Lotsa stuff happening around the learning and education space … more so since educomp made its money.

Here are a few people I know who’re somewhere in it or trying to get in…

– Manish Gupta / Kapil Gupta – G-Cube Solutions (http://GC-Solutions.net/) x-roomie and amongst closest friends
– Santosh Rao – Vrixx Education Solutions (http://www.vrixx.com/) batchmate and friend
– Arpit Badjatya -Serosoft (http://www.serosoft.in/) batchmate, x-colleague and friend
– Ritesh Tripathi – Transbit Technologies (http://www.transbittech.com/) junior and middle school classmate, never a friend πŸ™‚
– PV Rama Sasank – _____ (a training setup) batchmate, fellow AoE addict, budding mar god and friend

My put crack and moral/emotional/ support to all. Thats all I can give – I ain’t got no money folks! But yeah, knowing these guys, had I got some money, I’d spread it across them and wait for it to pour in. They’re all too good and I’d find it hard to bet against so many good horses in a multiple winner race.

  1. hey dude
    thanks a ton…
    was googling and came across this……..

    ciao milte hain kabhi boss before you shunt out of bangalore…

  2. Ravenzzz
    Thanks a lot dost for the encouraging words. Long time yara… Indore aaja kabhi… Shiddat hui consultin type discussion kiye πŸ™‚

  3. @santi: don’t thank me dude, i was only massaging my own ego here by claiming i knew (howsoever) promoters of so many startups in a growing space.
    lets meet up the coming week as it may be my last here.

    @arpit: dost mera to indore aana thora mushkil hi hai, lekin aap zaroor mumbai aao. is baar aapke saath ji bhar ke consulting type discussion karenge πŸ˜€

    @both: bhabhiyon ko pranam πŸ˜€

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