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Unfinished business

In Nation, Observations, Deductions and Feelings, Youth on August 16, 2008 at 16:12

I don’t think we know what freedom is. We were born with all the freedom that we required. No social clamps, few monetary shackles,

If these TV jockeys really wanted to know the meaning of freedom, they’ll have to dig a lot deeper.

… ask the dalits all across our villages,
… ask most non-hindu brethren in Modi’s Gujarat,
… ask the folks in J&K or the troubled areas of north east who don’t know if they’ll return alive everytime they leave home,
… the women who’re scared of venturing out after dark,
… youth in those haryana villages whose any show of emotion towards the other gender can end in either rape or honour killing or both,
… tribals in orrisa, jharkhand, bihar and andhra whose simple lives are caught between misguided Maoists, mislead salwa judum and incapable state polices,

These people, and more like them, are the ones who have no freedom today. For us its, freedom to choose which school to study in, where to live, which clubs to go to, what job to do, what to eat / drink / wear / drive / use, … If we’re a bit more rightist, then the questions are which language to speak, which god to worship, which region to belong,

<Will finish some other day>


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