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customer service – Domino’s

In Customer Service on May 24, 2008 at 15:29

I’m a regular Domino’s customer. Lethargy, gluttony and good pizza ensure that!

I’ll share here a few examples of my experiences with them:

While I was at Wadala, I used to order Domino’s at least once a week, sometimes more. And the order, more often than not, use to be a thin crust pizza. Domino’s delighted me one evening by sending across a mailer which had coupons of specially designed offers on thin crust pizzas only. For me it was a special moment – the organisation had identified me as a high value/frequency customer, analysed my purchase behaviour and created and sent a personalised (the inner card directly referred to me, instead of Dear Customer) letter with offers that would interest me! I was floored. (10/10)

Another interesting thing about that Domino’s outlet was that my house was outside their delivery area. They use to politely state that they would not be able to give me the 30 minutes guarantee but would still try to deliver. Again, in a vast majority of cases they delivered within 30 minutes, and except once, always within 45 minutes. (8/10)

Now, I’ve moved to Bandra. There’s a Domino’s outlet hardly a stone’s throw away from my place. Hell, I can shout out my order to them! And more often than not they deliver my order barely inside 30 minutes. I console myself that maybe the process of baking a pizza itself takes 20 mins so it may be ok. But then today, the lad lands up some 50 minutes after I placed my order, and before I could say anything starts blaming me for not giving the apartment building number for ordering. I told him, not so politely, that this isnt the first time I ordered from them, that the address is same as I gave him the first time, and that there is only one apartment numbered G1 in the whole complex! He continued blaming me and I calmly shut the door on him asking him to take back the pizza. (1/10)

A few minutes later, as I was getting ready to head out and fetch some grub, the bell rang again. This time thee was another chap there with my order. He politely apologised for the delayed delivery (almost an hour now), calmly accepted a brutal tongue lashing from me, apologised again, handed the pizza and left. This did leave a wry smile on my lips. Some things I really liked from this chap – he immediately apologised as his first sentence, stated calmly that he’s a senior person from the outlet and has come personally to deliver since he recognises we order frequently and stated calmly that they wouldn’t delay again. Sweet, simple and short. (9/10)

What do I rate them overall on the 10 point customer service meter?


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