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In Nation, Quotes on May 19, 2008 at 12:44

Just read this in the Economist (emphasis mine):

For Mr Ahmadinejad, the hoped-for pipeline is also a strategic affair: the great Holocaust-denier wants to show Iranians that he can win important friends, as well as alienate them. Yet this deal is stalled mainly because it is currently a bad one for India: Iran’s price is too high. It wants India to build the $7.5 billion pipe-line and agree to buy 70% of its gas at an undetermined price. And there are other snags in the plan, including that the pipe-line would traverse Pakistan’s wild and war-torn Baluchistan province. India knows all about the insurgency there: it has been fuelling it.

Don’t know whether its true or not, but its interesting to note such a soft yet strong reference to the pinpricks in Pakistan’s soft underbelly.


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