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What’s he doing there?

In Corporate Life, Nation, People, Rant on September 27, 2007 at 14:26

Reliance Protests

This pic came in one of the business magazines sometime back with their coverage of protests against organised retail, specially reliance. Just another image of rampant hooliganism getting coverage from over-zealous MSM types.

My question here is what’s the gentleman in khakhi (circled in red, left top) doing here?

The gentlemen in front are protesting against the store. Some folks at back must have broken a few glasses on the storefront and blocked entrance to it. The store employees must have already fled or be huddled somewhere inside the store.

All this is normal. Each of them is doing what is expected behaviour from them and breaking law in the process (while some others are reneging on their duty). Destruction of private property is a time at any time. In full daylight, for camera, its spitting on the law.

All of these are expected behaviour. And for the protesters, backed by a political party, its the thing to do. The only people who could change this – the gentleman in uniform, and the store employees – are gleefully enjoying the show, or saving their skin.

What if this officer, with his force, could read out the law to the protesters. Warn them that no one would bother them as long as they stay to themselves. However, the moment they start breaking the law (damaging private property, hurting individuals, barring access to private property), they would be punished / arrested. That would be just doing his duty, rather than joining the crowd like any other street idiot in watching the tamasha!

Also, where are the store employees? Couldn’t they have just stood at the store front and shown some passive resistance to these guys trying to break ‘their’ store?! The protesters would have assaulted them giving the police atleast some reason to break up the protest. Images on national television – a small group of protesters beating up young store employees who refuse to respond to their blows, or let them into the store – would’ve been enough to raise enough hackles for action against these rowdies.

But then this requires a feeling of ownership on part of these employees which, from my experiences across stores, seems completely missing!


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