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Why should 9/11 be connected to Serbia-Kosovo conflict?

In International Geo-Politics on June 2, 2007 at 08:34

Osama bombs WTC -> Kosovo may not get independence

9/11 happens -> US wages war in Afghanistan -> Bush Jr. gets an alibi to attack Saddam -> Civil war wages in Iraq -> Oil prices jump a little -> Post 9/11 reconstruction and US economy bouncing back from depths of 2000-2002 fuel growth in export oriented china -> Demand for china and war in middle east increase oil prices -> Problems in Venezuela and Bush’s ex-GF Katrina further cause oil spikes -> Gas gains further importance as fuel -> Russia’s Oil and Gas deposits grow many times in value -> Sensing opportunity in increased prices, Putin takes a hardline, gathers control over almost all gas and oil in Russia -> A resurgent Russia, asserts its newly discovered power by supporting old ally serbia and securing own future by threatening to veto the UN resolution on Kosovo’s Independence.


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