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Who’s the customer here?

In Corporate Life, V-A on May 29, 2007 at 02:52

Just read this post on Guy’s blog – The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn’t Work

Here are how the reasons are listed:

1. The client doesn’t understand …
2. The scope of work is not detailed
3. The client has not been properly trained …
4. The client
5. The client has not
6. PR people don’t …
7. Clients don’t
8. Clients refuse to be …
9. Clients get upset
10. Clients won’t change their …

Can you believe this? A professional is asked to list 10 things that constraint the practice and 9 of the 10 she comes up with are listed as, more or less, faults on part of clients.

And this professional is apparently a leading member of the highly customer-centric marketing services industry!!

Guy may have posted the list as an educator, for marketers who employ PR, to get a bigger bang for their buck. But all I saw in there was one sentence: Clients are terribly wrong and moreover refuse to adapt to work with us!

I suggest you go read the post yourself


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