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followup: zapak.com

In Corporate Life, Ideas, V-A on May 16, 2007 at 01:32

In follow-up to this post about zapak.com.

Just shows how different people can look at the same product and envision different opportunity segments for it. When R-ADAG first started advertising zapak.com, my initial doubts were about the ___ of stressing on the dot-com part of it. The idea was simple – zapak was a catchy name and they were doing a relatively decent job of placing it at top of the mind. Moreover, the name is convenient enough to easily lend itself to offline entertainment initiatives as well (arcades, bowling alleys, amusement parks, video games parlours, …). So why stress on the dot-com besides it? I had, in my mind, basis for what i believed in then.

Now, when I see R-ADAG leveraging the same zapak.com name to enter related verticals such as email and interactive TV (and maybe social networking soon), their thinking seems to be coming out. It was the way we looked at the segments that differed. They looked at the net connected segment (TG-youth looking for entertainment and related stuff online) and spread out the brand thus like. I looked at new-age entertainment-seekers as a target segment and spread out the brand thus. We both may have been right or wrong – we may never know.

The thing I’d really like to know here is not the success or failure of either segmentation strategy, but the way it was arrived at – where to extend/place the zapak brand.

Was it the gaming company from the group that came up with this brand name and then decided to extend it to all their ventures? If so, were other opportunities inside the group – but outside the specific gaming company – looked at, for the best brand fit/return? If not, and these opportunities aren’t evaluated in the future as well – all due to the specific conglomerate structure, I can sense a value loss.

On a different note now, not related to marketing
When we work on cases in our bschools, there are multitudes of efficient options like these (common/cross branding) that we include in all our solutions. Half a decade later, when we have the responsibility to actually work on those options, we prefer to stay inside our silos (another much viled term back in the school) – holding on to whatever power we can, refusing to partake of opportunities that may give bigger but shared success, claiming whatever success comes by solely as ours – displaying exactly the behaviour we loathed just a few years back. Reminds me of anju’s once-upon-a-time tagline: I was born intelligent, but education ruined me. Maybe, it was not education, but what came because of it – big paychecks and bigger egos!

  1. i love these posts :D…

  2. This is totally unrelated.
    What did I do to fall out of your blogroll? Or wasn’t I ever there? :O

  3. saw an ad of zapakmail.com… the name “zapak” is catchy 🙂 though the ad is nonsense…

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