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certainty of youth…

In Corporate Life, Economics, Management & Leadership, Quotes on April 17, 2007 at 18:31

Loved these lines as I read them…

“His answer, which has not changed since, was blessed with the certainty of youth. The number of branded blockbuster drugs going off-patent is finite. Competition, much of it from firms in India, is intensifying. Drugs buyers are becoming more hard-nosed. Low-cost manufacturing and economies of scale are critical. Geographical expansion and the development of a broad product portfolio are required to diversify risk and capture growth opportunities. The generics industry is consolidating and will end up being controlled by a handful of global suppliers. Armed with these insights, Mr Wessman decided that Actavis (which got its new name in 2004) needed to grow, and fast.

He may not be always correct. He may not end up being the most successful generics pharma executive ever. He may not even be the best young pharma executive around. What he is, though, is a fresh wisp of air in otherwise dour and boring corner offices of western pharma companies.

Apart from a good word from the old hog for a young upstart (not exactly!), the article also provides a good (though brief) insight into some basic issues affecting the pharma industry globally today.


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