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stupidity quotient…

In Entreprenuership, Ideas on March 6, 2007 at 00:33

I wrote an SMS (but didn’t sent it). It read:

Being an eternal optimist doesn’t mean that you have to trade reality for stupidity!

And soon after, in a total change of track I was thinking about another matter close to me – ideas & execution. And how the stupidity quotient can help you decide when to take the leap.

Ok, the funda is pretty simple. Look at an idea, discuss it with some regular, sane people and if enough people call it stupid (i.e. its stupidity quotient is high enough) then go ahead and execute it. You can be sure it shall not be a complete failure. The screwed up logic behind it runs like this – anything that is sound of logic, and easy enough for any of us dumb asses to think of, is too trivial and has already been executed and mastered. Its the same with ideas that are only a little stupid but make some sense to normal beings. So, the opportunity only lies in the domain of stupidity. If you think an idea is stupid enough, but are sure of the basic market fundamentals behind it, go ahead and execute – there is an opportunity somewhere, an untapped need, that you’re catering to.

And, of course, stupider the idea, greater its chances of success.

Corollary: As the stupidity index increases, so does the probability of success. But this probability of success is inversely proportional to the market size you’d be catering to.

So basically,

Stupider the decision, more likely the success, but smaller would the potential market size.

Work out this reasoning yourself.

~ It shall not be a failure, though I’m not commenting on how big a success would it be.

  1. efficient market hypothesis ? 🙂

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