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sex education..

In Nation, People, Rant on March 4, 2007 at 15:40

“what’s that? why do they need it… we never got it and still did fine”

thats how most indian school teachers would answer to any query on the topic. I don’t say that, the word in air says so.

Yesterday’s Mumbai Mirror had a front page news on Orkut and its ‘misuse’ by disgruntled students of a premier school from the town. They kids got frustrated with their princi an created a community on orkut to get together and rant about it. Now, the princi came to know abt the community and started to take action. What action does he take? The highly learned scholar goes ahead and threatens students with punishment for their criminal activities. And to add to it, he requests parents to watch their wards’ surfing habits and prevent them from visiting adult sites (sic) like Orkut! Now, if this is how the principal of a leading school in town thinks, i am scared. All i can do is hope that other stakeholders of the school – faculty, parents and alumni – don’t really subscribe to similar views or else the sena would soon have some ready recruits!

if that’s too simple, this is what Confused shares. If thats how our educationists think, where are we headed? The principal of a city school refusing to allow sex education to students on grounds of his cultural beliefs. Is our education system also going the madrasa way in pakistan?

I distinctly remember my bio teacher comfortably skipping the portions on human reproductive system in high school… and she was one of the more open teachers we had. ‘sex education’? I remember there being a small talk for all the girls about periods and stuff conducted by some executives/health workers, but for boys… na na.


the ‘principal’ of a leading school in the biggest metropolis in our country threatens his minor students with action for libel .. did he forget to read his civics?

another principal another place says his culture doesn’t require/allow sex education! I guess its thanks to (y)our culture that we’ve grown to a billion plus in double quick time and are ranked as the country at highest risk of an AIDS epidemic

orkut is only the beginning, and internet on comps only rudimentary. soon, high speed wireless data on telecom networks would be a reality and quality internet on phones a norm. I’m not sure how would the older half of our population react/adjust to the widespread changes it’d bring into our social and cultural fabric. I’m not sure how the government (run by 25% old oafs governing 50% young guns) react/suppress the new found media of discussion, criticism and organisation. But I’m sure how the MSM would react – they’ll do what they know how to do well. Expect ever lower standards of reporting, not that they’re any good yet but this quality is a bottomless pit and they’ll try hard to locate the bottom!


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