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MSM invited its own death by going from quality to pop

In Media on January 19, 2007 at 18:25

Long title, short post… hopefully.

Basic idea is that MSM is shooting itself in the foot by going pop! Not till long ago, the mainstream media had a quality of its own – quality of news coverage, quality of editorials, quality of writing – a quality that was pretty hard for a majority of the folks in middle of the bell curve to replicate. So people who read newspapers / saw television, apart from the actual content of matter, also admired the quality of matter.. and saw it as a reference point in their search for more information.

Tabloids of India were the ones to start the decline (in India) towards the ‘pop’ of news reporting. The idea was excellent from a marketing PoV but I guess they didn’t see the blogevolution coming around! Now, what’s happening is that the quality of news topics, their coverage and the writing has denigrated to a level where quite a few educated netizens can match (and probably beat) them on one or more of those parameters. Moreover, with ‘blogtimes of the world’ employing millions of such ‘writers‘, the variety and depth of topics covered by this new media is amazing.

What is resulting is that the MSM has dumbed down public appetite & tastes to such levels where the public doesn’t really need to follow them anymore.

A simple, though scientifically incorrect, sample – me. I haven’t read a proper newspaper (online or offline) for almost a month now and still am as updated, if not more, on all the relevant topics (from Shilpa Shetty’s racism drama to mid and long term effects of current oil price, inverted yeild curve and China-Africa congress to the riots raging all over the country).

[This post is being terminated here as I lost the line of thought after the net connection went down]


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