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In Arbit, Simply Life on January 18, 2007 at 18:20

To bigger questions in life πŸ˜€

Is there a God?

The answer to this question, my friend, is … ‘yes, but no’

~Disclaimer: this is solely m opinion and an attempt on my part to move from being an atheist to agnostic so i can quickly climb the stairs to inevitable success and universal glory!

Now for my rationale – its actually pretty simple.

For the ‘yes’ part: How do we define where we live? On Earth? Which is in the solar system; Which happens to be somewhere in the milky way and the milky way is a part of the identifiable universe. Now if I were to keep moving back in the same manner into time & space, we realise that we soon reach a dead-end, popularly known as the big-bang. Stephen Hawking suggested that it’s impossible to look at history prior to this event so I’ll not argue with him and stop here. Moving the argument further, all I’ll ask is what would happen if we did get to see the history of our universe prior to big-bang? For all I can guess (and as Stephen H predicts), the universe was contracting towards big-bang and before that expanding out of proportions (it doesn’t have to fit inside size-34 trousers, lucky guy!). And before that expansion was another big bang, preceded by contraction, expansion, and so on. So, basically the universe has been swinging from a hogging spree, (and following a clash with his fiance) to a crash diet, to a breakdown of his will seeing those chocolate desserts at Wenger’s and back to a hogging spree. And these stupid swings have been on for ages now – ages and ages and ages counted not in earth years, but in god years (coming to that in a moment).

(Starting a new para since the last one became too long and the only length I like is in gals and my bike rides)

Getting back to they main point – by now we know (however unreliably) only till those swings in the waist size of universe and nothing beyond. Yet, we know that there has to be a beginning somewhere for these swings to begin (perhaps the universe broke down with its previous girlfriend and went on a hogging spree the same way girls go on a shopping spree, but then discussion’s better left for a later day). So, there has to be someone or something that created all this (or whatever all this was all that time back). Lets name this entity god. And, lo behold, here we have what we started looking out for – The GOD!

We can, just for the sake of it, also start questioning the same thing. Where did this god come from? Who created him and all those sort of questions, but then it’ll be a never ending spiral – end of every cycle, we reach a god, ask the same questions from his perspective, spread out to another level, reach another higher level god and so on (maybe the ancients from this subcontinent did realise this and thus created such a humongous hierarchy of gods and their avatars). Considering the never ending state of these questions, I’ll end the reasoning here with:

God (man) = Creator (universe) = GOD

God (GOD) = GOD

Hence proven, part 1.

Moving onto part 2, i.e. ‘but no’. Directly, I’ve got no argument for this part but I’ll use some simple examples (more of questions) to get to the answer.

Had there been a god, in the manner that these preachers of all faiths define it,
1. would Micheal’s engine have gone bust when he had fought back from the biggest slump of his Ferrari career to within a real grasp of his 8th GP title?
2. would Rossi have slipped out of the race and title contention right at the end of the season and effectively lose a chance to get the title back in his grasp?
3. would Alan Donald have been run-out with just a single required in that 99 WC semifinal.. resulting in a tie and letting those blasted Aussies into the final and to the title?
4. would D have left R to go to J?
5. would a Hayabusa have been so damn expensive that those who can really drive it would be 60 by the time they can afford it?
6. …
… would all those non-believers have made it big – be (relatively) satisfied, (mostly) loved, (perhaps) wildly rich, (hopefully) able to lay all those young & beautiful girls, … – … and those billions of believers been rotting about, cursing all there is to be cursed all through their life only to die out in anonymity?

Life is what we make of it. The two equations really are one.

God (man) = man

and that one force (call it man or god) is what drives this world – creates it, destroys it, lives in it, or takes 70 years to die in it. Its all what we make of it.

Yes, there is a god…. It is I.

~no disrespect meant to the fairer sex here… usage of the term ‘man’ in this rant is not gender discriminatory but only symbolic for humanity
~~on that account… should i still be using the term fairer anymore … what with all those ‘fair and handsome’ selling like hot cakes?

  1. adi, amazing post…
    im not good in physics. But I just have a small doubt regarding the physical mass of universe.
    After big bang, hydrogen is being converted into helium in all the stars. How was the hydrogen formed during the contraction of universe?
    and a coincidence, I have stopped calling myself as atheist and converted to agnostic.. I simply stopped caring abt it.
    and for michael’s engine part :)) ROTFL πŸ™‚
    fuckinng long boring comment i guess πŸ™‚

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