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In Ideas, V-A on December 24, 2006 at 14:52

do they really need th ‘.com’ part? wouldn’t it be better to create brand zapak… diluting the online part a little. ofcourse, the ADAG group has its sight firmly set on the future… with convergence – media, entertainment and telecom – being its driving plays. Yet, using just zatak instead of zatak.com would’ve saved them another big spend on the slight repositioning that they may go for should they head into offline (rather brick-n-mortar as well as brick-n-click) games – arcades, bowling alleys, et al.

… and just in case you didnt get the hint… i, for one, believe they should enter the real world entertainment arcade / lounge business…. is a good fit for them.. and alongwith adlabs provides them another retail entertainment platform.

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