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Are french the bengalis of europe?

In Observations, Deductions and Feelings, People on August 3, 2006 at 17:13

They are renown for their fondness for philosophical debates, contempt for action, love of caffiene-nicotine, their language, women and their own history!

They are equally famous for their contempt for big private business, anything anglo-saxon, and globalisation. On work front, they are famous for working the least and striking the most.

Add to this their passion for soccer and their prowess in art and related areas. And last, but not the least, they are the most prolific bloggers amongst their peers.

Show these notes to anyone in Europe and ask who’re we talking about here, and the answer, most definitely, would be the French. Show the same to any Indian and the answer would be the Bengalis. Seems a lot like the French really are Bengalis of Europe.

  1. True…The French and the Bengalis are considered to be the only connoisseurs of food who term food as “beautiful” or “shundor”. they have rubbed on to each other their love for food, poetry, art and culture with many French travelers visiting India in the past. Apparently Chandan Nagar in West Bengal is derived from Chanda in French!

  2. Sure,but Kolkata is a dump where ideas go to die and Paris is a great city.These comparisons are ok for mild amusement.It is a myth that the French are not an active people.Bengalis take lazyness to another level.

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