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In Entreprenuership, Nation on July 27, 2006 at 12:31

in our country needs a massive overhaul. And the push, like in all other sectors can’t come just from the government. Its always been at top of my list of sectors where I’d like to start up. The problems, apart from those inherent to the sector are two fold –

1. no government is willing to allow integrated corporate involvement into all (primary to super specialisation) areas of the sector, and is also holding a tight grip over the curricula – howsoever outdated might they have been.
2. professionals, from institutes like mine, harly find the sector attractive given that they’ve been attuned to earning fat pay packages in relatively mature and stable sectors of industry.

This has created a big void of thinkers & doers relating to this sector outside the world of, you guessed it, academecia.
Still, once in a while, i do cross paths with a solitary soul, who has the concerns of this sector at heart. They may not be as bullish on it as I am, but atleast think for it once in a while.

Here’s one of them: http://ecophilo.blogspot.com/2006/07/deccan-is-now-mainstream.html

p.s.: the last line gives it away, the post otherwise is totally unrelated!

  1. Yes, i couldnt but resist it. The further the government stays away like in telecom and airlines, the better the players find a route to expand the market. Education is one such area and sadly its just a fiefdom of the HRD ministry. But I see changes in the proposed Reliance University and a just launched Vedanta Univ. So, theres hope…

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