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punishment and retributions

In Nation, Simply Life on August 16, 2005 at 20:43

Why do we believe that retributions and punishments alone can set right what was wrong. Can’t we just keep aside the entire episodes and move forward ignoring their baggage. Isn’t the path shown by truth and reconciliation commission in SA better than that of our ‘moderate’ judicial enquiries or of right wing retribution politics of modi and mugabe!

Putting in place practices to prevent recurrance is what is more important in my view than punishing the guilty of what is long past. And we, as a society (not just the government), fail totally on this count while stressing whole heartedly on the punishment part of it.

Also, can’t some writers just desist from writing to death about everytime a small event happens related to 47/75/84/92/godhra. Each of these articles desensitizes unaffected folks like me, and ignites the latent hatred lying within people related to both sides of the divide.


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